Reverse Logistics Website With WordPress

A Custom Reverse Logistics Company’s Website developed with WordPress & PHP Frameworks for our client to showcase the value it adds to the UAE Logistics Market online.  With the help of cutting-edge technology in development, the site is clean, fast, and secure providing users with a great user experience on both desktop and mobile

Project Overview

This is one of the most challenging projects we have because the client doesn’t have a fixed product range. It varies from time to time, the reason being:

Reverse logistics is the set of activities that are conducted after the sale of a product to recapture value and end the product’s lifecycle. It typically involves returning a product to the manufacturer or distributor or forwarding it on for servicing, refurbishment, or recycling.

Client Location: UAE

Site Language: English

Category: Advance WP Development

Project Delivery: May 2021

Website Features:
  • All Standard WP Features +
  • Custom UI Design
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Warehouse Product Listing Section
  • Wholesale Ordering System
  • Logistics Vendor Registration Form
  • Seller’s Product Registration
  • Buyer Registration
  • Logistics Partner Registration
  • Lead Management System
  • Many more…